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I am a strong supporter of the local food and beverage movement and I aim to promote and champion the works of local food and beverage heroes (from our local agriculturalists, farmers/growers, chocolatiers, agro-processors, farm owners, food and beverage entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, cafe and coffee owners, local chefs, bakers, butchers and all our other local artisan food and beverage producers and establishments), in highlighting and showcasing their products and services or brand and telling the stories of their successes.
I plan to also develop, write and photograph recipes (food and drinks) which have been inspired by visits to friends home, or various events, such as dinner parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, seminars, meetups, retreats, and even at home; as well as eating out at our truly inspirational local restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries and other local eateries which I visit, along with locally grown produce, interesting food and beverage products found on my food adventures and trails, starting in Trinidad and Tobago and then across to other islands of the Caribbean.
Just Write Peach, also provides the following services to meet your individual, organization and company needs, such as:
Product reviews (homemade food products – jams, jellies, seasonings, honey, ice cream, juices and more): These are reviews of new products which have recently hit the market; or new product that an agro-processor or food and beverage entrepreneur has made and wants to market to its consumers and the general public. I will apply an objective, criteria-based system for evaluating products. Generally, it requires a period of one week to have enough experience with the product to produce a comprehensive analysis and also great photographs about your products.
Recipe Writing and Development: In need of a great health-food recipe, or a recipe using local fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices which you  have grown right in your own backyard garden or on your farm, along with other recipes such as seafood and even making local canned foods and other tasty treats, from local produce.
Food and Restaurant Review articles: If you want your potential customers to know where you are, what you have to offer, and of course, what they can expect? These are review articles about a restaurant that allows people who are interested in finding out where are the best places to eat and dine out, or who has the best food and drinks, wines, atmosphere, great staff and the place is just perfect. There will be lots of photos to accompany the review. I try my best my best to attend most review requests.
As I work fulltime, I try to attend in the nights and over the weekends. Hotel Restaurants, Local Restaurants, Cafes, Juice Bars and other bars, Beer Gardens, Vineyards, Food Trucks and other Eateries will fall under this category.
Food Writing/Editorial Content: I am available to provide editorial content for your website, newsletter, magazine and other publication.
Agribusiness & Food and Beverage entrepreneurs (farmers, agriculturalists, fisher folks, food processors, food producers, wine makers, farm and agriculture estate owners, food stylists, restauranteurs, chefs, bakers and others) interviews and reviews: These interviews are generally based on networking contacts that I have developed over the years and continuing. The interviews can take place in person, on the phone, or via email. The topic of the interview is usually guided by the editorial slant of magazine that the interview will be submitted to. As well as I also review and promote the works of local agribusinesses and food and beverage entrepreneurs and businesses in telling the success stories of the people behind the products or the brand.
Profiles and Reviews of local agriculturalists, farmers/growers, agro-processors, farm owners, farmer’s markets, farm co-op food stores, farms, food and beverage entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, café and coffee owners, local chefs, bakers, butchers and all our other local artisan food and beverage producers, farms and establishments, in highlighting and showcasing their products and services or brand and telling the stories of their successes.
Company or Media Events: If you are having a soft or grand opening, new menu launch or product launch, food event or press trip and would like me to attend.
Please be advised that my turnaround time is one week to publish a post  following a review or event and do feel free to review my blog.
If you have any questions or would like further information, do not hesitate to contact me at (868) 348-8809, after business hours and on weekends or send me a line at
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and thanks so much for your time and consideration.
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