Cooking with Peach

I am no professional cook like my grandparents were, both my grandmother and grandfather could cook, but my grandmother was the best and she passed it down to her children, my mother, who is retired and is by far the greatest cook to me, god bless her hands and give her continued health and strength.

As, for me, I would say that it had skipped a generation, because I prefer one pot dishes, microwave recipes, canned foods, or to buy food, fruits like mangoes, plums, cashews, bananas, apples and of course chocolate than to cook, but like all women, it is compulsory that we learn how to cook, especially if we plan to become independent and go out on our own, get out of our comfort zone, or get married and have kids.

A lot of the recipes in this section will be that of my country (local), family recipes, or what I tried to make, what I tasted, what I had helped in making and as many of the chocolate treaties, which I tried my hands at making, so enjoy……

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