Kariwak Village Holistic Haven Hotel & Restaurant

Tobago’s number one green oasis hotel and restaurant located in the picturesque Crown Point, Tobago; and had been opened since 1982 and had entertained some well-known regional and international celebrities and yoga instructors, who has often said that Kariwak is unlike any other place that they have stayed. It is a great place to dine, eating outdoors under the lovely thatched canopies, where Mr. Allan and Mrs. Cynthia Clovis and their elite and hardworking and humble staff treats all their guests as if they are family and who served up some of the greatest and most delicious menu each day using fresh local ingredients, herbs and vegetables picked right of their own organic garden located on the land in this holistic haven where everything is prepared on site from their ever popular kariwak rum punch with fresh lime and passion fruit and their lime pie with homemade peppermint ice cream to it’s coffee tea or what one would say Kariwak spice tea with bay leaf, cinnamon and ginger.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always a delight of local fruits, homemade yogurt and the great tasting mahi mahi in coconut herb sauce or other types of meals which can be found on their website at (www.kariwak.com).  There also can be found a well-stocked bar with all your nutritious drinks.

Every Fridays and Saturdays there can be found live entertainment, where even the guests can join in and make their dining and stay as memorable as possible.


For more information, please contact:

Kariwak Village

Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago

Telephone No: (868) 639-8442

Email address: kariwak@gmail.com

Website address: http://www.kariwak.com


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