Nola Gourmet Products

Nola Gourmet Product is a small Food and Beverage Company which was started in December 2010, that has reinvented the granola concept by creating a snack that is, not only healthy, but also tastes delicious, which comes in two variety of flavours ginger and choconut.  The ginger granola contains no peanuts and is geared towards those people who suffer from allergies; and the choconut granola is a blend of cocoa and peanuts and is a favourite with both the young and old, men and women.


Today, Nola Gourmet Products is the number one still small-based manufacturing company on the island of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, which not only produces the granola bars, but also offers a wide variety of other products such as puree, punches, soursop and moringa leaf tea and so much more.





For more information. You can contact:

Marlene Davidson (Owner and Founder of Nola Gourmet Products).

Speyside,  Tobago.




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