J’n’J Homemade Ice Cream


J ‘n’ J Homemade Ice Cream is one of Tobago’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream and the greatest tasting ice cream of all times, which was started as a homemade business in Carnbee in 1983, by Jeannie and John Leotaud, but a new location and business place was commissioned in Bon Accord, Tobago for the full operations of the business; and where it is still located at present.


At the age of 76, in 2001, Ms. Leotaud passed the baton and full responsibility and ownership of the ice cream unto Valerie and Jeffrey Joseph, whom despite the numerous changes made the business over the years which has span more that two decades and counting, has been able to keep the tradition alive and still give us that great tasting ice cream flavor, that many of us have grown to love and even have grown up on, for which I can testify, having grown up on it, especially the coconut flavor.


J ‘n’ J Homemade Ice Cream is a delicious, rich, creamy homemade product boasting flavours typical of the tropical fruits and vegetables to be found throughout Trinidad and Tobago.
Some Forty-nine (49) flavours are now manufactured; but many of the flavours are original creations, like their flagship pumpkin coconut and the innovative beetroot vanilla, all contains no additives and only natural preservatives.
For more information:
J ‘n’ J Homemade Ice Cream
Roberts Street
Bon Accord Development, Bon Accord, Tobago, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.
Post Office Box 1104, Carnbee/Bon Accord, Tobago, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Contact No: (868) 285-9149 (Factory), (868) 631-8357 (Fax).
Email address: passifloreltd@gmail.com
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Available in Stores throughout Trinidad and Tobago at:
TOBAGO – virtually all supermarkets and mini-marts throughout the island.
Factory sales outlet located on the Milford Road Esplanade (310-1964).
Tru Valu supermarkets (Trincity Mall, Valpark Plaza, El Socorro, Long Circular Mall, Diamond Vale).
Food Giant supermarket (Maritime Plaza, Barataria) and
West Bees Supermarket Diego Martin.

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