Tobago Agro-Processors Association

The Tobago Agro-Processors Association was formed on October 17th, 2012. It is a non-profit organization which was established by like-minded group of individuals and agro-processors who are continuously working hard and seeking to improve the standard for processing activities, provide opportunities for training in business development and creation among individuals (agriculturalists and food and beverage entrepreneurs) and small and medium-sized agro-processors businesses; while at the same time raising the standard agro-processing activities and encouraging innovation amongst the people of Tobago to get more involved in agriculture and food production, by promoting collaboration and networking opportunities for the socio economical development of the island and the benefit of the agro-processors on the island to showcase their products and services to the general public.


The organization has successfully helped more than one hundred and more individual and small and medium-sized businesses involved in agriculture and food production on the island of Tobago, since its inception in 2012 and continues to do and move boldly ahead, even hosting various food fairs and expos, where the agro-processors can showcase their products and services to the general public, locally, regionally and internationally.


For more information to obtain a list of agro-processors whom the organization represents.

You can contact them at:

Ms. Darilyn Smart, Founder and Chairperson of Tobago Agro-processors Association – (868) 310-0612,

or visit their Facebook page at:


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