I know that I may stray from what my food blog is all about, but this year, has been like a turning point for me, which has been pointing me in various directions, all good and beneficial, even thou I have yet to reap the rewards, but it has been great so far for me.

I was given an assignment, for which I would consider a challenge, as for me, being a single lady, I would never consider myself good at weddings, from since I was a little girl, I made a bet with my friends and told them, that I will never ever get married or have any children, that was when I was eight years old and here I am 37 years old and that bet has stuck with me to this day.


When some would-be, soon-to-be friends of mines asked me to help them come up with some simple, small and intimate wedding reception themes and menu ideas, for which they can consider, especially ideas and themes in my country of Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean, I was a bit confused, and asking myself, “Why me?”, and the answer I got back was “Why not you.”

Here is my article on Beach Wedding Reception Menu Ideas with that true Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean Style, Flair and Flavor.


There is something about the ocean, that turquoise blue water all around the island; the waves rising to impressive heights, surge to the shore, then recede with surprising gentleness. Perhaps it is this tireless display of nature’s power that calls couples to the beach for their wedding.

Here, in Trinidad and Tobago, beach wedding receptions is a growing trend, that never gets old, as there are so many different options and themes for various types of beach wedding reception and not excluding that exquisite and taste of the sea to one’s reception menu; from the first sip of a cocktail to the last great bite of desert and sharing in the breaking of bread and toasting to the happy couple on the most beautiful and picture-perfect day of their life.

And so for many couples thinking about having a beach wedding, it goes a great way in making a lasting impression than by giving your guests a variety of tasty food and drinks that they will never forget and be talking about it for years to come.

Here are great reception menu ideas for your beach wedding with that true Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean blend and flavor:



COCKTAILS & BEVERAGES (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)
– Margaritas, Pina coladas, apple pie martini, Bess Bellini
–  Vodka, Rum, and beers (carib, stag).
– Fruit drinks such as passion fruit drinks, ginger beer, melon surprise drink, ginger beer
– Smoothies (fresh fruit & chocolate)

– Sushi
– Spinach Pastry
– Deviled Eggs Trinistyle
– Breadfruit Fritters
– Caribbean Shrimp Cocktail
– Mini Crab cakes
– Vegetables Samosas

– Tropical fruit salads
– Conch Salad
– Cottage Cheese Salad
– Seafood Salad

– Fish & Sweet Potato Chowder
– Pepper pot Soup
– Vegetable Soup
– Avocado & Crab Soup

– Jamaican Jerk Chicken
– Barbeque Chicken & Fish
– Roast Pork
– Roast Leg of Lamb

– Cinnamon rolls
– Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream, Chocolate & Coconut Ice Cream
– Chadon Beni Parmesan Muffins
– Peera
– Chocolate Mousse
– Brownies

– Chocolate Cake with Date Filling, or tropical fruit fillings
– Vanilla Cake with toasted coconut filling


I practically had a flashback of a crazy, but fulfilled beach wedding of a friend, who served both barbeque and finger foods at her beach wedding, almost forgetting that some of her guests and friends were vegetarians. Thanks to her fairy godmother, who loves to cook and is a vegetarian, coming to their rescue and proved not only the gluten-free guests with tasty treats, but everyone had a more better love for vegetarian food. I suggest that you take into consideration what your guests like, as well as any major allergies, this will making planning much easier.

Enjoy your beach wedding and that special day.



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