Orange Peel Tea

It seems like decades ago, almost twenty-eight years now. I was nine years old and maybe younger, as I was in Primary School, and every morning before I go to school, my mother would make me drink a hot cup of orange peel tea, which helps me greatly, since I almost never liked breakfast at that age. I was more a fruity person in my younger days. I loved green mangoes, plums, cherry and yes, chocolate. I am not quite sure about the recipe, but from my recollection, I believe that this is the ingredients, but if you know it, please correct me. Thanks.


3 pieces of orange peel
2 clove
sugar to taste

Place the pieces of orange peel in a small pot of water. Bring to a boil. Pour in a teacup with the clove. Notice the yellow tinge; and add sugar to the taste to sweeten it.


Because she made it for me and my step-sister, who was totally opposite to me. I preferred to add brown sugar or honey and my step-sister desired milk.


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