Ciao Café & Ciao Pizza

Ciao Café & Ciao Pizza is a great authentic Italian gelateria located in the heart of Burnett Street, Scarborough, Tobago; just a walk up the road from the port, as soon as you get off the boat from Trinidad.


The owner Mirko D’Alessio, said that he came to Tobago, by mistake, but it was one that he will never ever forget and he turned it into a success; for he thought that he was taking a trip to Tonga; but his travel agent at the time, got confused with the two, Tonga and Tobago and instead sent him on a Trip to Tobago. It was a Caribbean adventure, which the former dental technician turned restauranteur, count as a blessing, while others might have seen misfortune and fire the travel agent, he thanked the travel agent.


So, he decided that he was going to bring his Italian cuisine and ingredients to Tobago and let the people of the island, get a taste of Italy, especially the one’s like me that has never been to Italy, but he still wanted to be fair to the people of the island, by fusing the two together to come up with his own style and twist.


He started the Ciao Café, which is a full stock bar featuring international beer, wines and that great espresso, we all have grown to love; while Ciao Pizza, one explore the traditional pizza menus, pastas, salads and Italian antipasti and so much more.


The Gelato all natural and Healthy ingredients, cream flavours 90-92% fat free, fruit flavours all without milk and up to 96% fat free; and it is what the establishment is best known for and has won many awards, which are placed for the viewing public to see.


For more information:                                                                                                                             Ciao Café & Ciao Pizza,                                                                                                                          Burnett Street, Scarborough, Tobago.                                                                                           Reservations: (868) 635-2323, 639-3001.                                                                                              Email:



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