Catering your own wedding – Barbeque Wedding.

February is almost here and as they say it is the month for love, after all Valentine’s Day falls in that month, so too are weddings. Since the start of this new year 2017, there have been many couples who have married.

Here in the Caribbean island of Tobago and even Trinidad, we still carry on the tradition of our ancestors, by catering to our own wedding, whether big our small and do not get me started on the food and drinks, it is like the couple and their families have been saving up all their lives for their dream wedding and so food and drinks are in galore.

Have anyone of you, ever been to a barbeque house wedding. Yes, you heard me, a barbeque wedding for a young couple at their home, well it was the home of the bride’s great aunt. It was great; even thou I did not want to go, as most of my friends are married or in a relationship and I am still single and not dating. I hate them to label me in the plus one category; but who say that single people cannot have fun and mingle with the crowd. We are great multitasker and can help out with serving the food, or help mange the bar, and even help with the speech and making the greatest toast to the happy couple, than others will never give us credit for. I did have a great time. I would very much endorse a barbeque wedding to anyone.

A barbeque wedding is a less-expensive and fun option for a small or house wedding, is highly recommended and not for a large one. From attending the wedding, I can safely say a barbeque wedding goes well and without a hitch.

A list of things, which I have seen that would be considered a perfect plan to include before the wedding reception are as follows:

  • You will need about one person to supervise and two to three person to man the barbeque, especially if you are barbeque not only the steak, but also the chicken, fish, pork and other meats. You can have one cooking on the large grill and the others using charcoal for the same ones. At the wedding they used both to make the perfect barbeque meats.
  • Please note that the food must be prep ahead of time, even two or three days before and all the necessary menu must be chosen and prepared. . You want something tasty yet easy, inexpensive and relatively quick to make at your wedding barbecue. A long cooking roast that takes 30 minutes or more to grill is not ideal. If you run out of anything and need to make more, you are stuck! No one wants their guest to have to wait for a long while to be served again. So the menu must be prepared to feed everyone invited to the wedding.


The main course was divine:

  • Barbeque Fish, Chicken, Pork and Lamb and also Chinese chicken (boneless).
  • Cole slaw for the side order
  • Grilled Mixed Vegetables.
  • Rice.
  • Pigeon Pease.

The also had: Boil Corn, souse (chicken feet and pig tail), cookie section.

Drinks both (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in galore and a wine tasting section.


The wedding cake was a work of art. we, the guest even had pieces of chocolate cake and other goodies to take home with us after the wedding.

It was really a tasteful, and when I got home, I tried surfing the net to find other barbeque weddings, and found a great site, which said it all. That is Do-it-Yourself Weddings. It is a great site for everyone who is interested in catering their own wedding.

To anyone interested in planning their wedding barbecue reception! Be sure to make it one that no one will ever forget and the do explore more barbecue recipe ideas to find the ideal one for your personal wedding barbecue.

Congratulations in advance.





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