Sharon & Pheb’s Restaurant

Sharon and Pheb’s Restaurant, is a small neat and breezy restaurant that is situated overlooking historic Man-O-War Bay in Charlotteville at the secluded northernmost tip of Tobago, is one of the island’s best-kept dining secrets.
Inspired by Caribbean-style lunches and dinners which comes from the small kitchen of Sharon Benjamin and her husband Walter. Guests enjoy their meals on the restaurant’s airy open decks surrounded by palms and overlooking Man-O-War Bay and the village. Or they opt for an inside room that also accommodates sizeable groups.
Sharon and her wonderful staffs creates dishes based on each day’s local catch of fish, or fresh chicken and shrimp. On some days beef, pork or goat appears on the menu for dinner. And lucky diners might be offered a taste of tender, sweet local lobster. Vegetarian meals are no problem for this versatile kitchen, either. Lunch is a single-dish meal. Dinners are served with a first course of soup or a salad. Beers, wines and mixed drinks–the rum and coconut-plus creation is a favorite–can complement the meal.
There are no menus at the restaurant, so instead Sharon or Walter, or a member of staff will personally tell each visitor about the day’s choices. The soup may be pumpkin, fish or calalloo. Seasonal local produce, such as breadfruit or plantain, are prepared in various Caribbean ways. Rice and beans take on pleasantly exotic tastes. A Shepherd’s Pie or polenta suddenly appears in a new, light incarnation. All the sauces–Sharon’s special spicy creole, curry, sweet-and-sour, or garlic-and-butter–are truly inspired. Equal attention is given to such simple fare as fish-and-chips.
Sharon and Pheb’s Restaurant is one of the friendliest dining spots on the island. Sharon personally checks with each guest to make sure everyone is completely happy. She’ll gladly take the time to answer questions, whether about the food, local fishing, or sites to see. Her high standards and bubbling enthusiasm turn a wonderful dining experience into such a memorable event that people in the know come back again and again.
The prices are very reasonable. Payment can be made in TT dollars, of course, with other currencies accepted at prevailing exchange rates.
Sharon and Pheb’s Restaurant is located on the road leading into Charlotteville just before the main square.
For more information, you can contact them at:                                                                        Sharon and Pheb’s Restaurant
Tobago, West Indies
Reservations/Information 868-660-5717

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