Re-organizing the Kitchen for the New Year

The kitchen is the heart of the home, I believe that is how the old saying goes and every now and then, the kitchen can become somewhat clutter-prone with a whole lot of dishware, glassware and cutlery, even cooking supplies jammed up together with little or no cabinet space; as well as it can also become much disorganized, which can be totally stressful.


I have decided that since we, well you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this year, whether it be ours, yours, or a friend, we can help each other out, by kick starting this year off, and that is to get our kitchen organized to suit our needs and also to bring out our own personal style and flair.


Let’s get creative, first thing is to decide on how and where that you want to keep your cooking and home goods. Some of you may be interested in hanging mugs on hooks in the cabinet to create more space, while for others will just stag them up on one another and put the covers in a bowl close to the mugs, just for them not to get missed place or lost.


You can insert dividers, (shown above) or trays into pull-out drawers and cabinets to keep all cutlery and flatware organized and in the right place at all times, so you or anyone can find whatever flatware or cutlery they want.


I would also suggest that you can have hanging containers to a metal rod on your kitchen wall to store either dish soap and other cleaning supplies (which must be out of the way spot, especially from toddlers and young children) or it can be used to hang frying pans and other kitchen ware that would be accessible to you. Please do not that for items that you use once in a while like public holidays, for catering home parties and other events, must be store up high and all the heavy appliances and supplies be stored low, as not to cause any accidents in the kitchen.


Cleaning out the pantry, refrigerator and cabinets of all those unwanted and unnecessary things that we all had accumulated over the weeks and even years, especially the ones that are beyond repair but for sentimental reasons, we just cannot part with it, or maybe it is one of those items that we got on sale a longtime ago, but never had time to use it. It is time to say goodbye to them, or you can store in a box in a storage room or garage; for me I will probably throw the non-fixable ones are and throw myself a garage sale with the others. Space is important and valuable and filling it with a lot of unwanted stuff that will never be used is not good, and it creates more mess and problems than solutions. I am very mindful of my space and the kitchen is no different.


Creating clear labels for your belongings can make it neater and more streamlined, or you can purchase already labelled ones online via ebay, for those who love to shop online. Establishing a permanent home for your items, be it in a pantry or cabinet based on functionality such as flour, sugar (brown/white), spices, coffee, etc., can make a lot of difference and it will be a whole lot easier to locate and use more space.


I really cannot say that I like the idea, because I am not too welcoming to open spaces in a kitchen, especially shelves, but once you are okay with it, I am fine with whatever you want; as it is said that open shelves keeps all the kitchen belongings tidy and beautiful.


For glassware, dinnerware, plates, and china ware, I would have to say that an enclosed top cabinet above the counter would be an ideal place.


For countertops, I love the marble finish, so I do not have a problem with them, just keep them clean and polished.


For furniture a kitchen or bar stool, one or two would be great, by the counter and a small dining table with two or four chairs would be appreciate, as most homes have a dining room, with a large table and six or more chairs, only apartments and small homes have a small table with about four chairs and so picking the right furniture can help balance the kitchen.


For many of us, our kitchen floor is tile to suit our needs, while for others it is board, and even covered over with vinyl, one can go all out and add a rug, even though it is totally impractical to have a rug in the kitchen, but one can be creative.


Please have fun this year re-organizing your kitchen.





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