I know it has been a longtime since I tasted one of these fritters, and it was the best.

4 green plantains

12 tbsp corn oil


Plantain fritters is a quick and easy dish to accompany a main meal or just as a snack.  Peel the plantains, this should be difficult if you are using good green fresh plantains. Slice them into approximately 2cm (1in) thick slices. Heat the corn oil (or sunflower oil) in a frying pan or skillet until it is hot, this can be tested by dropping a slice of plantain in – it should bubble in the pan. Fry the slices in the oil, until they start browning. Turn them over and brown the other side.

Drain them on paper towels.  Remove them from the paper, place the plantains on a flat surface, and smash them with a flat knife; they should end up ½in thick or less  Re-fry the plantains on both sides until they’re crispy. Drain once more, add salt to taste – enjoy





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