Top five (5) great recipes 2016.

As we say farewell to what was fairly good year for myself and Just Write Peach, I just thought I would share with you the top five (5) great recipes of 2016. These recipes were my outmost favourite, as I shared them, you liked them, you tried them, enjoyed them and I smiled right here with you with every email, every message. Nothing makes me more happy and fulfilled when I received an email from you saying, you enjoyed it and getting your feedback, has always been well received. I love my job, so much because of you.


I am grateful and appreciative and I love each and everyone of my readers. Without further ado, the Top five (5) great recipes 2016 are…….

  • Chocolate Rum Pots.
  • Rice with Curried Vegetables
  • Dasheen Chocolate Cake
  • Dasheen Ice Cream, and quite recently
  • Baked Honey Ham.







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