Heavenly Cookies by Kerlene Duke-Boodram

Heavenly Cookies is a relatively new business startup and is doing so well. The founder and operator Kerlene Duke-Boodram, is an old high school classmate, who like many young people had to made the greatest decision of her career and life and that is to quit her cooperate job with all the great benefits and pursue her dream of starting her own business.
Heavenly Cookies opens it doors in 2015 and its tagline says it all: Heaven on earth in every bite. She offers a wide variety of cakes and cookies with and without icing, Iced Cakes, Cupcakes and Brownies for all occasions with a perfect unique touch of edible elegance to any event. At Heavenly Cookies, the products are custom made per order and only the finest ingredients are used every time.
For more information or to place your orders, you can contact Ms. Kerlene Duke-Boodram of Heavenly Cookies at: Belle Garden, Tobago. Telephone/Whatsapp: 473-9783. Email: heavenlycookies17@gmail.com.

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