Exquisite Local Drinks by Garrett Mc Kellar

Exquisite Local Drinks, is one of Tobago finest homegrown and locally made drinks, even a great thirst quencher. Mr. Garrett Mc Kellar is the co-founder, would say just that and more. They specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of exquisite assortment of homemade milk based punches and exotic drinks to satisfy your deepest liquid desires.


Punches and drinks such as: Soursop punch, pumpkin and peanut punch, dasheen punch, dasheen wine, punch de crème, dasheen spritzer, beetroot punch, peanut punch, cane juice, coconut water, Guinness and oats punch (ever popular amongst local and foreigners alike) and local juices (depending on the availability of the fruit in season).


Punches and drinks are usually available in 500ml bottles, but can be supplied in larger bottles as requested, and can be bought directly from the company; or be found on store shelves in supermarkets across Trinidad and Tobago.


For more information, you can contact Mr. Garrett Mc Keller and his staff of: Exquisite Local Drinks, Concordia, Scarborough, Tobago. Telephone No: (868) 712-8972 (or) (868) 302-8397.



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