Spicy Tobago Crab Fritters with Cocktail Sauce

I love the land of my birth, Tobago, even thou many would say that we are laid-back and most times look like we are still living in a green paradise island, as every corner that you turn, one is always confronted by luscious green grasses and trees. Apart from that, we have the best tasting local homegrown dishes, that can not be found anywhere else; and we do love our spicy treats.


I would love to share one of my great local dishes with you, that is Spicy Tobago Crab Fritters with Red Sauce, but as it is the season cocktail sauce will do better.

Spicy Tobago Crab Fritters

4 oz cans crab meat, drained

1 medium potato, boiled and crushed

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 tbsp softened butter

1 pimento pepper, seeded and chopped

2 tbsp chopped chives

3 tbsp chopped cilantro (chadon beni)

2 tbsp chopped parsley

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp fresh lime juice

1 tsp pepper sauce

1 cup soft bread crumbs

1 cup flour

vegetable oil for frying

Place the crab in a large mixing bowl. Remove any cartilage and add the potato, half the beaten egg, the softened butter, pepper, herbs, garlic, lime juice and pepper sauce. Combine well.

Add enough bread crumbs to hold the mixture together. Form the mixture into 2 inch patties, dip in the remaining egg and then in the flour to coat evenly. • Heat some oil in a frying pan or wok. Fry the fritters until golden brown, drain, and serve hot with cocktail dipping sauce.

Cocktail Sauce

1 cup tomato ketchup

¼ cup fresh lime juice

¼ cup mayonnaise

2 tbsp horseradish sauce

1 tsp pepper sauce
Combine all the ingredients. Stir together, then add salt to taste.  Makes 1 cup



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