Confession of a Food Writer and Blogger

As a food writer and blogger, I am totally focused on restaurant reviews, food entrepreneur showcase and my food writing skills; and honing my craft in all other areas of food writing and food blogging.

Every blogger knows a picture is worth a thousand words. I do not have access to those fancy food style set-ups and camera equipment, since I am always photographing food on the go, from my home, or when I am out with friends, to my weekend food escapes (visiting restaurants, cafes and other eateries). I rely heavily on my tablet and very quiet recently my iPhone, which I just purchased to take photographs of food and food events. I am not a professional food iphonographer, but I love how many of the photographs come out, especially since I am using natural light and less Photoshop.


I am not a professional IPhone Food Photographer, but the best advice I can give each and every blogger, interested in using their smartphone to photograph food, comes from my two favouriite bloggers, they are by Jennie Lussow and by Denise Romeo, who also operates her own blog at







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