Well you all had the oil down, now is the cook-up.


2 cups of rice
2 sliced garlic cloves
1/2 cup of yellow split peas
2 cups of sliced ochro

Pigtail is normally salted as a preservative method so be careful that your meal is not too salty. Put the pigtail in a pressure pot with about 4 cups of water and allow the meat to tenderize, after about 25 minutes, it should be good. Though out the water and put the pigtail aside.

Add the split peas and the garlic in a pot of water. Allow the peas to cook. You can tell when they are cooked by taking one of the peas and holding it between the thumb and index finger. Slightly squeeze the pea, if it is soft to the pressure, then it is cooked and ready.

Now add the sliced ocho (you can use either the fresh ochro or the frozen cut up ochro). Allow the ochro to cook, I know then it is cooked when the seeds turn pink. Now add the rice and pigtail, you may need to add some more water to allow the rice to cook. Add some pepper sauce and taste to ensure that the rice has enough salt.

After the rice has cooked and all the water has dried down, turn off the stove and serve!



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