Renmar’s Restaurant & Bar

RenMar’s Restaurant & Bar is a family operated Restaurant and Bar and the ideal spot on the beach for a very lively beachfront bar atmosphere and they offer a wide range of Tobago’s daily lunches and favourite dishes, that features a full service restaurant and bar, well stocked with both local and international drinks and wines; and has both outdoor and indoor seating, catering to the needs of everyone from the beach goers to the lovely dining, and the run by an elite staff and local cooks, that makes it fun to be around, as everyone greets you with a smile and everyone who is a stranger becomes a friend.

A friend and I stopped by and went and had lunch at RenMar’s after a beach session with cocktails and tasty lunch dishes like baked chicken, macaroni pie, rice, blackeye peas and provisions and vegetable salad.


There were other meats like stewed goat, baked chicken, curry chicken and fried fish; served with macaroni pie, callaloo, rice, lentils, blackeye peas, dumplings, provisions, mixed vegetables and fresh salad to choose from. Each lunch at $60.00 per person, for which is a great value and includes one meat/fish/poultry item and a serving of the (4-5) sides on the daily lunch menu.


RenMar’s Restaurant and Bar, Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Pigeon Point, Tobago. Telephone No: (868) 631- 8768. Serving/Hours: Lunch 12pm-3:30pm (no lunch on Saturdays); General Hours 9am-8pm daily. Credit cards and LINXcredit cards & LINX are accepted.


They cater to weddings, birthdays and other social functions and gathering.




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