Suckhole Restaurant & Bar

Suckhole Restaurant and Bar, for which Suckhole is a local name for the seaside feature in which there is a cave in a seafront rock cliff at the level of the tides that has an opening that runs from the top of the cliff down into the cave. When tides rise, sea water is forced up the chimney and blows out into the air above. In some villages this feature is called a BLOWHOLE.

Suckhole Restaurant and Bar is a great eatery for tasty sensational food and drinks in the company of loving family and great group of friends with a divine sea view!


The Menu:                                                                                                                                                                         Grilled/ Fried Fish: King Fish, Snapper, Mahi Mahi and Cavalli

Fried/ Grilled Shrimp

Fish/Beef Burgers

Pork Ribs


Garden Vegetables of the day

Ratatouille on fluffy rice/ French Fries


Suckhole Restaurant & Bar, Charlotteville Beach Facility, Charlotteville.                  Telephone No: (868) 288-5820.                                                                                                           Email address:



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