Simple steps to Cooking and Eating Sustainably

Cooking and eating sustainably does not require anyone to rethink over their entire life, just what goes into one’s body and the well-being and health of one’s self and their loved ones, because I still love my milk chocolate, but I also love to eat my fruits and vegetables bought from the local farmer’s market.

Here are some simple pointers of things that can get one started:

Educate yourself – If we can do research before we buy a car, computer or house, why not spend a little time to learn about the kind of food we are eating.

Start canning – You can engage your family and friends by getting them involved in canning some of your own pickles and jams when fruits and vegetables are at the peak of the season. It is much cheaper than buying store-bought, and the quality will be better as well.

Grow your own – Nothing is much more special than the connection, one gets with the food that they grow themselves, whether it in a raised bed in the backyard garden or herbs in a pot on a kitchen windowsill or porch.

Cook from Scratch – Cook with food produced in your backyard garden or from your local farmer’s market, or either re-learn or learn; and you can also find great recipes online, from such websites as Sustainable Kitchen and others.

Reduce your meat consumption – Even in the greatest of all circumstances, raising meat takes a toll. Making a change if it is only one day a week such as a meatless Monday or Tuesday, it would have a huge positive impact on one’s environment, and be a great blessing to one’s health and body.

Shop sustainable – This could go either way for some, as one might chose to start with one item at a time and pledge to buy it sustainably (either an organic diary product or one local food from the local farmer’s market or bulk buying from the local farmer’s market and local grocery store.

Get involved and spread the word – You can contact public officials, voice your own opinion and stay on top of current issues with food. You can also educate the general public by starting your own food blog, starting a community-support agriculture group or organization and other such outreach sustainable development programs and projects which one can organize such as a food drive.

Enjoy the fresh, healthy sustainable food from your own produce or your local farmer and farmer’s market.



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