Is home cooking right for you.

My grandparents, parents and the older generations are always saying that home cooking is more nutritious and great, and it connects with everything that is local and sustainable, and nothing brings good people together like a great home cooked meal, made with love.

Home cooking beats out all other competitions hands down, when it comes to saving money, as you can have a home cooked meal on a budget, for no one can dine out on a budget, because every restaurant, café and other eateries prices varies and they are not cheap; as well as bringing home food prepared by someone else is not worthy sometimes, as we are paying for someone else to do something for us, that we can do for ourselves with little practice is better.


At a restaurant, café and other eateries, one is spending a fortune on the cost of someone else business, including rent and payroll, which I am not saying no, as everyone has to eat and everyone has to get paid to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  Even when purchasing prepared food from the grocer’s freezer, one is paying for processing, packaging and advertising of the product – none of which adds value to the food itself.

When one cooks at home, they are saving money, and cooking sustainably, by taking those savings to the next level and using locally raised and produced food that one grows in their backyard garden or on their farm, than rely on footing the bill for transporting ingredients across the country.

A home cooked meal, one does not have to worry about contracting any sickening bacteria, toxic pesticides and other harmful bacteria, that would make one sick.  When one cooks, they are in total control of what goes into their body and those of their loved ones. By either picking food grown in one’s backyard or farm or either buying organic, sustainably raised or minimally treated meat, dairy and produce, one can dramatically reduce consumption of food contaminated by chemical fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics.

Everyone wants to sits at the table and enjoy a perfect meal and dinner, so one controls the nutritional value of the foods that are been prepared. Locally grown food are much fresher, healthier and nutritious and the cooking methods are just right, especially if one has learned how to cook from their grandparents or parents, for family meals and secrets passed down from one generation to another it is just great, so we all know that the older generation had a lot more experience and knowledge in sustainable agriculture, as they worked the land and always loved and enjoyed cooking for their loved ones and knew just knew the right measurements and when one is cooking.  To add to it, sugar and spices were used to enhance flavor to the food, but overtime, it has changed and yet some has stayed the same. 

Involving other family members, other relatives and friends, even children in preparing meals is a great way and opportunities for everyone to get to know each other, to forming great conversations and having a great time, and one can say it is where the heart and soul of a great slow food movement started and has succeed. When it comes to children, how I knew firsthand of playing in the kitchen, even thou I was more of a stay in my room person, or go play outside on the neighbour’s steps with the neighbours kids and other kids in my community. I loved grocery shopping with my mom, so I would advise any parent to take their kids grocery shopping with them, just pass by the snack rack, as fast as you can parent, because kids love junk food much more than you, and ice cream and chocolate was my favourite since childhood. I know what many parents go through when they go shopping with their kids.  Taking them to the farmer’s market, grocery store with their own list on a budget, will able to help them become better at financing themselves and working on a budget; and it will be one experience that they will always treasure and gain a better understanding and passion for local sustainable food.

Inviting friends and other family members to participate in a sustainable dinner party.  It is a perfect opportunity to build community and spread the word about sustainable local food.  Whether it is a small dinner party for a group of friends, or a birthday party, just make it all about sustainable food, and do not forget to pull out all the stops, because you are guaranteed to get everyone in great high spirits when you do. Sharing a sustainable meal with good family and friends can reinforce a precious bond, and let one discover that how a simple act of engaging in face-to-face conversation over a repast one has created themselves can bring about meaningful part of one’s life and be a blessing to others.

Learning to cook sustainably and from the comforts of your own kitchen (home) is a great opportunity and making it in your own special way either from scratch, or from family secret recipes, just add your own personal touch can bring about great values one believes in – responsibility, independence, love, comfort, stewardship, money management and taking control of what goes into your body.

Be Blessed.





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