What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day Treats and Recipes

Valentine’s Day have always been a yet simple and quiet day, and well it is like everyday to me. I never once in my entire thirty-six odd years ever spent a romantic valentine’s day with that special someone, and probably never will, but that is okay, I still believe in Valentine’s Day and what it stands for and I will always love it and celebrate it.


My valentine’s day since high school up to last year, has been spent like this my friends buy me a nice basket filled with pastries, chocolates (my love), a stuffed teddy bear and a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. If it falls on a weekend, I buy myself a large box of chocolate and coca cola drink, go the beach (any beach) and then to the movies later in the night.


This week until valentine’s day, I will asking you my great and wonderful followers of my blog, as well as those who like the many recipes and other articles which I post on  my blog and the general public, who view my blog, what are your favourite valentine’s day treats and recipes.



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