Sustainable Food Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! The fresh start of a new year – the kind of blank slate that nudges us towards new challenges and experiences – provides a great opportunity for thinking about fresh local foods that will not only nourish our bodies in the months ahead, but can also feed the millions of hungry people in the world.

After all, something has to provide the fuel that will keep us going while we work efficiently, effortlessly and effectively on all those exciting resolutions and accomplishing our goals workwise and otherwise (personal and professional).

Here are some food goals and ideas to help you eat and live well this year:

  • Search the internet for local food systems and other information such as local farmers, seed banks, local farmers market in your area and country, agricultural groups and organizations, local restaurants, cafes and other eateries in general and much more. Make a folder for local food in your internet browser bookmarks.
  • Order some garden seeds – you can also purchase some flower’s pots for planting the seeds in and nurture them, until they have grown to the right size and can be transferred and planted in your backyard garden.
  • Purchase local food, fruits and vegetables and even herbs and spices from your local farmer or at your local farmer’s market, than those chemical ones found in the grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • Take a farm tour in any farm or agricultural estate. Talk to the owners, farmers, and the workers there. If they offer you some freshly picked fruits, vegetables and herbs, accept it with thanks and a smile. Go home and go nuts cooking.
  • Freeze something, whether it be a bag of green beans, corn, get something in the freezer that you will be able to enjoy later when the crop is no longer in season.
  • Can something – maybe jams, jellies, green seasoning, chutney, tomatoes, etc. You can get other family members, even friends, a neighbour and other people in your community together and involved in making canned products which you all can used to raise funds for the community. Make it a fun experience for all.
  • Try new recipes, new foods, new meals and new techniques, by using what you have in the refrigerator or backyard garden. Make it a goal to cook from scratch and limit eating out.
  • Start a food blog, there are many websites that give one valuable information and even offer courses on how to start a food, how to become a food writer/food blogger or even a food journalist; as well as check your local library.
  • Visit local food and culinary festivals, fairs, and trade shows. Network with farmers, food entrepreneurs, chefs and all other participants at these festivals, take a taste of their samples, purchase from them or just have fun at the events.
  • Volunteer and become an advocate for local food, by campaigning for more involvement and great access to information, training in the overall development of local sustainable food.
  • Give a food gift to the less fortunate ones in your community and country, in general. Just do not it at Christmas time – because many people go hungry every day, try to do it at least once or twice a month. Give to family and friends.

I hope these goals give you a starting point for jumping into the new year with food – as it is what literally sustains life. For without food, we will not exist. If there’s one thing I can guarantee about your year, it is that food will always be a part of it.


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