Developing Agrotourism in Tobago

Earlier this week, the Tourism Intelligence International Senior Analyst Kevon Wilson in his address at the recent CEDP Conference held at the Office of Community Development and Culture, Glen Road, Scarborough, Tobago. In which he have mandated that Tobago needs to rebrand and market itself better, because the tagline, “Clean, Green, Safe and Serene” and our component of selling sea, sun and sand are so old and outdated.

He stated that travellers whether they come to our shores for business or pleasure are no longer interested or satisfied with just visiting a destination, taking pictures and returning home with a sun tan to show off to family and friends. He goes on to say which is very true from my talks with visitors and friends to my island. They want to experience all what the island has to offer and be a partaker in the activities and events, than merely just been a spectator, and a great part of rebranding Tobago tourism industry, I see would be in developing the agro tourism sector on the island.

Agro tourism can become a major benefit for both the tourism and agriculture sector on the island, as they are the two major economic sectors as everyone has to eat and so developing local food production can go a very long way, so too is the revitalisation of many agricultural estates, some which are now barren lands, can be bought back to life; in terms of tourism guesthouses, inns, hotels and even owners of farms can contribute a great deal too, buy growing local produce, and have a day where the tourists who stay at their establishment join in and help, if they are interested and other activities and events combining both industries.


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