A Trinbago Christmas

Christmas celebrations are in the air and nobody can escape the frenzy of cleaning the house, painting, sewing new curtains, purchasing new furniture and appliances (as it is out with the old and in with the new for it is customary for the new year that the new year meets a house with a new furniture or appliance whichever one it is); plus buying up of all the pricy gifts for loved ones,  attending various pre-Christmas parties and even going all out with the stocking up of all varieties of local food items, fruits and vegetables, which is my favorite because I love food and there are also lots of snacks for the kids, chocolates included – that I never ever weigh myself, because I know that I will be putting on a lot of pounds over the Christmas season.

The Caribbean, well Trinidad and Tobago is known for its pre-Christmas parties, with countless food and drinks in galore, that everywhere you look or turn at whatever time, day or night, there will be a number of restaurants and eatery open.

We in sweet trinbago love our bellies, for we all have a sweet tooth and even when it comes to the holiday, even the greatest fitness gurus work are much harder, as they have to work effortlessly to persuade the general public to curb their cravings and try to exercise regularly, which is great, since almost everyone turn their homes upside down and move around furniture and do some minor repairs to their houses during the holiday,  but eating healthier diets will only work for the few who really want to stick to a strict diet and exercise plan; but for others, christmas only comes around once a year, so we going to go all out.


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