Food Entrepreneurs of Tobago

Tobago is a beautiful, laid back and unspoilt island getaway in the Caribbean, unlike its big sister Trinidad, which is like a little America, as it is a twin island country, Trinidad and Tobago.

Tobago has been able to shape and change the course of food production on the island and even given birth to some great farmers and food entrepreneurs that has gone on to putting Tobago on the world map and making a name for themselves, and yet there are others who are working hard to make their own mark. I am listing some of them.

Kennedy’s Agro processing Limited – This is a small family owned food and beverage business that creates a variety of products to transform any meal into a healthy and delightful experience with their locally grown and signature pimento flavoured sauces. Contact: (or) 868-337-0972.

Smart Foods Caribbean – This a family business that provides high quality tasty products with the aim of preserving food tradition. Contact: Mrs. Darilyn Smart at 868-310-0612.

Nola Gourmet Products – This is a small business that manufactures two of the most healthy and delicious ginger and choconut gourmet granola bars; as well as Nola’s Mango Puree, which is perfect for punches, smoothies, jams and more. Contact: or 868-383-1054.

Tobago Chocolate Delights – This is a small sole proprietorship business that manufactures chocolate bars and truffles using the finest Tobago grown and processed cocoa. Contact: Mr. Jean Claude Petit at 868-370-1907.

Wholesome You – This is a small hair and beauty supply business that creates all natural, organic and vegan hair and skin care line products. Contact: (or) 868-318-7453.

There are more, that I will be keeping you all updated on and even interviewing them.


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