Elrod Baynes – Tobago Rising Farmer/Food Extraordinare

Elrod Baynes is a promising farmer and food entrepreneur on the rise to becoming a true farmer extraordinaire. He hails from the beautiful and unspoilt Caribbean island of Tobàgo, Trinidad and Tobago.

He had graduated with top honours from the Bishop’s High School, which would have allowed him to enter any college or university to study medicine, engineering or law; but he opted instead for one of the oldest and most important profession agriculture, which his love and passion for the profession was developed at the high school, pursuing agricultural projects and at home as a youngster, when his father bought him some sheep. He would make roughly $1000.00 per month, which got him thinking that if he could make that kind of money while attending school and help out his parents, he could make more fulltime.

He is the sole proprietorship of an agricultural enterprise that includes goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, turkeys, geese, cows, guinea fowls and chicken (layers). He also has a vegetable garden where he plants, reaps and harvest ochroes, dasheen bush and lettuce. Mr. Baynes supplies vegetables and other produce to many establishments on the island of Tobàgo. His parents are totally and fully supportive of him and his father even works with him in the business.

In my conversations with him, he has continuously stressed on ànd rasied the issues that there is urgent need for more people to get involved in the production of food, as on many occasions, he has had to work in partnership with other farmers to ensure that customers requirements were met. He also sees numerous opportunities and possibilities for improvements to be made and the overall development of the agriculture sector on the island; and even linking it with the tourism industry.

In closing, he laments that he loves what he does, the idea alone does not count, it is the action of producing food, rearing animals, being self employed and working hard to support himself, his family and help boost local food production for a sustainable economy is the greatest joy and blessing.


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