Agro-women for Change

Many individuals, groups, organizations and even companies the world over are now embracing the the change and are recognizing the great contributions made by women in agriculture.

Women have always played a pivotal role in agriculture and rural development; especially in most cases where the absenteeism of men is prevalent, which has created a huge burden, as well as a major blessing on the part of women, where they now have to go seek additional means of earning an income to take care of the home, pay the bills, double with the maintenance of themselves and their children. It is out of this necessity amongst other things that farming the land has become an increasingly important means of survival in most rural communities, especially in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean, than any other country around the world, which also have women agriculturalists.

In those countries and continent mentioned, it is therefore not coincidental that a large number of women work along the entire agriculture value chain and have made significant contributions to not only their families income and well being; but they have also shaped and changed the course of agriculture forever and helped in the economic development of their country, yet lots more has to be done.

Women involvement in agriculture, has been around since biblical times and had continued, even in times of the great depressions in many countries around the world, such as the United States of America in 1930’s,  and other countries that went through great depressions and recessions, women had kept it together, had gone out into the fields, farmlands and agricultural estates and help revived local food production, and even try to bridge the gender gap, in a career field which was an all and only man dominated field of expertise, which they fought and worked long and even harder than their male counterparts and set the stage in providing hope and inspiration to the next generation of women agriculturalists.

These women agriculturalists are thanking and praising individuals such as female photographers, Audra Gaines-Mulkern, with her photography project “The Female Farmer Project” and Marji Guyler-Alaniz, with her photography project “FarmHer” in which they use photography and true stories in documenting the rise of women in agriculture; as well as non governmental organizations and other organizations such as The Networks for Rural Women Producers of different countries around the world, UN Women and others; who are working effortlessly and effectively in not only showcasing the contributions and success stories of women in agriculture, but are also advocating for better working conditions, policies, training and rewarding women agriculturalists the world over.

I celebrate the millions of women agriculturalists the world over, you are doing a spectacular job.


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