Tobago Harvest Festival

The Harvest festivals are traditionally celebratory occasions and recognises the importance of food in Tobagonian tradition and is an annual community feast held in every village/community on the island of Tobago throughout the year.

The Harvest was started by the churches and had served as a way of raising funds to assist with the maintenance of the church and its activities and outreach programmes; which the parishioners would proudly bring their best produce in place of monetary tithes.

After years, decades and even generations passed, it has changed in many ways, and yet, something have stayed the same. There is still the four main religions and churches, which are the Anglican, Methodist/Pentacostal, Moravian, Roman Catholic, which still keeps that church giving tradition alive with a church service and end with a cantata by the village choir.  In the villages it has turned out to become one big party, where the villagers invite friends, family and even strangers to their homes to share in a free thanksgiving meals and drinks, which has now come like have a house party; and there is even the village harvest dance.

So, if you are in Tobago, and would like to spend a pleasant yet enjoyable Sunday in the company of your warm Tobago hosts and get in on the harvest festivities of free food and drinks, lots of laughter, music, and stories from the beginning of time to the future and beyond, come journey with me and get yourself and your group or family and friends to a harvest and join in the spirit and love of brotherhood/sisterhood made with love.


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