How to start a food blog

I have received emails from people asking me how to start a food blog, especially from persons across the Caribbean. Writing had always come naturally to me, since childhood, I always loved to write essays and compositions of my summer vacations and as I grew older, television and films interested me and I would write drama and documentary proposals and treatments for television, video and presently photography, which I still do occasional, and I have even attended erotica stories.

Back to the main topic, I think that if one is very passionate and have a great knowledge and understanding of writing and a love for food, and can write a great and inspirational story about food and other issues and adventures with food writing, it is a great start.

With restaurants and many eateries popping up all over the island and in many countries around the world, dietary trends making a huge shift and now includes everything, you even have it on the internet. Many visitors to the Caribbean islands love to surf the net to obtain information on the great places to eat out, dine in and even enjoy the limelight, apart of the green, safe and serene, that many of the tourism departments try to display the island as. Visitors will always come to enjoy the food, which is totally different from their own country.

Eat food writer blog is unique and different, which sets them apart from the other and so too are their audience are different, such as vegetarians, stay-at-home moms, career professions on the go, college kids, junk food lovers, nature seekers, meat lovers, chocoholics, of different counties around the world; but all food bloggers will tell you that you have to think of it as a passion, than for money.

I am a food writer, with a difference is that I blog about food, farm, agriculture and chocolate, but most importantly about food – how to grow it, how to eat it and how to live it, even highlighting the issues affecting food production, food security and more.

If you are interested in starting your own food blog, there are many food writers who can help you, if you type how to start a food blog or looking for food writers blogs, you will come across a wide range of them, such as my favourite food writer bloggers are

Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom food blog:;

Lindsay and Bjork

Dianne Jacob food blog: or will write for food

and a number of other food writers blog sites, which you can visit, they will be able to help you start your food blog.



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