Life as a Freelance Food Writer and Blogger

My journey to become a full-time freelance food writer, food blogger and food photographer – a designation I will always wear with pride, dignity and respect, regardless of any stigmas – did not start out with a passion for local sustainable food and beverage and food journalism.


In fact it happened by a chance meeting with a foreign food writer, whose name I cannot now recall, but whose sounding advice, I have taken very seriously and who really got me interested in food writing and blogging; and wanting to put all that I have learned and grew up around, while living in the rural country-side of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago surrounded by local home-grown foods, the local people, food entrepreneurs, my love for chocolate and my own personal experiences with everything related to food and the cuisines of Tobago, and in developing culinary tourism on my island; and I wanted so much to be part of developing sustainable food in my country of Trinidad and Tobago and even to other islands across the Caribbean.

Prior, to me starting out as a Freelance Food Writer, Food Blogger and Food Photographer, I was employed full-time as a General Insurance Underwriter, with a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company Limited, where I worked for over six years, where I am still employed, which I do not really and has in many ways caused me to rethink my entire existence and purpose in life; even thou the salary is great and it helps pay the bills and other necessities.

It was not until, March 2015, after talking with the food writer, who came to visit my country of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, and we had that chance meeting, as they wanted directions and to know where to find the sports bar and local restaurants on the island, which serves local sustainable foods and wee started talking, amongst other things. She was amazed by the beautiful rural communities and even the warmth of the people, and even enjoyed chatting with local farmers who have set up small food stalls and sell their fresh produce to the general public; and I had also shown her some of my photographs, which I had taken on my various visits to one, local Tobago Cocoa Estates, local farmer’s markets, restaurants and other places; and talked about the many dishes of my island, which I grew up on.

She got me seriously thinking about putting everything about my country as it relates to food and all my culinary adventures, and my love for chocolate into starting my own food blog; and share my food stories and the culinary adventures, events and much more that makes my country cuisine and food stand out about the rest and also in creating my own voice.


On July 2015, I started my food blog ( to be all about food, farm, agriculture and chocolate; but as 2016 rolled around, I had re-launch the blog to focus more on sustainable food and great dining experience – Tobago Style, by sharing my writing and love for everything that is local sustainable food and great dining experience with a true Tobago style – from the backyard gardens and farms-to the kitchen table; even nutritional values and health benefits of local food, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices; inclusive of reviews of all the many different types of restaurants, cafes and other eateries on the island of Tobago; along with interviews, local food entrepreneurs showcase, local recipes, culinary/food events, shows and festivals, projects, my chocoholicness, personal experiences and so much more – all with that true total Tobago Experience and Style; which is the gateway for my home-based freelance article writing service business WRITE PEACH – where I provide high-quality food-related specific correspondent services in the form of written articles and photographic essays to various print and online magazines and other periodicals on a freelance bases.

Since starting the blog, it has changed my life, even thou I love my country and the food, I have gain a greater respect and love for my country and the people who have come from many countries around the world and have brought with them their own style, cuisine, flavor and much more and have combine them together into making one unique diverse and blend that is true Tobago cuisine.

It has also not been an easy road, for there was numerous struggles, roadblocks and obstacles, that most times, I thought that I would not make it and all my goals and aspirations for my food blog and my business would go down the drain and it would all be for nothing; and I also thought that I was going this alone, especially one of my photographic project was like it would never get off the ground; but it never in any way occurred me to throw in the towel, or quit. It just told me that maybe, I should reinvent the wheel, become more creative, assertive.



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