Positioning Farmers for Success

Despite what is portrayed on television and spoken by numerous politicians on various political platforms that they have gone beyond the call of duty in developing the agriculture industry, is a total hoax, as million of farmers are still being given a raw deal, especially those in the rural communities across the globe. For many of these farmers like is never easy and and they are faced with many social and environmental, even economical issues that are too countless to mention, but are as follows:-

– Many farmers live in backroads, where they have to walk with their produce fifty and more miles each day to meet on the main road in order to get to the market to sell their produce, as it is difficult for vehicles to travel to these back roads, which most times are not paved and is poorly maintained, because it would damage their vehicles.

– Lack of education and training, even basic education, as reading, writing and mathematics. Most of the famers never went to school, or have ever seen inside a class, because their parents were too poor to give them an education, so they learned to cultivate the land instead. Others who were fortunate to go to both primary and secondary school, soon after high school decided instead to continue their families legacy and cultivate the land or to go into agriculture, after learning about the basics in their high school agriculture science class. As for training, these farmers are not all the time aware of training, as the main road is far and they don’t have proper access to television, which may not all the time show well, or the telecommunications signal may not all the time work and they don’t have access to the Internet and more worse their elected Parliament representative don’t even visit them only when election blooming.  They are not aware of any training taking place.

– Praedial larceny, which is a serious crime and a great problem facing farmers, whose crops and animals have been stolen, their lives are being threatened and few farmers have been physically attacked and even killed. The police and ministry of security only talking a pack of rubbish, but no action is been taken to safeguard these farmers or catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

– Land tenure, as most farmers are squatters and those who live on lands owned by their family, the deed is still in their deceased great great grandfather’s name. Regularization of the land act, leaving the farmers on the land to continue their farming, will help the economy benefit greatly, as we move forward, including paving the roadways and better telecommunications, Internet access and technology coverage, will go a long way.

– Advertising and Marketing of the farmers produce. Proper marketing plans needs to be developed and maintained.

– Weekly visits by Agriculture Development Field Officers needs to be established and maintained too, so that the farmers will know what is taking place and can air their complaints and issues and the field officer must get back to them and give them feedbacks every week.

If there are any more I missed out. Please send me a line at writepeach@outlook.com. This will be a continuous topic, every week as I address your issues and come up with solutions in positioning farmers for success.


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