Farm-stay (staying on a farm or agriculture estate)

The Caribbean is now looking to broaden their horizon, by introducing Agro-tourism – where visitors, can stay for the maximum of three weeks and more on a farm and/or agriculture estate.

The basic delicious organic food, pure filtered rainwater, beautiful accommodations and scenery, and friendly smiles and community will be provided. What more do you really need?

 Well, maybe a few basic essentials:

  •  Flashlight or headlamp
  • Organic bug spray
  • Water bottle
  • Durable shoes and sandal
  • Clothes: loose cottons, swim suit, and pants/sleeves for cool nights
  • Personal care items, such as bath towel and organic soap/shampoo
  • Personal ID, passport, driver’s permit
  • Cash, as most ATM machines maybe located far off place
  • An open mind and heart!

It is highly recommended that one must use a backpack or duffel bag rather than a rolling suitcase.

  •  Closed cell or inflatable sleeping pad and tent (if tent camping)
  • Organic sunscreen, lotion and skin care
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Camera
  • Beach towel
  • Snorkel & mask
  • Mountain bike (rentals of these is a must), as well as there are rentals of motor vehicles.
  • Laptop (wi-fi maybe available)
  • Journal for recording your time at the farm or agricultural estates.

If you own a farm or agricultural estate and you need a boost or to bring more business to your farm or agricultural estate. Or are you considering entering the tourism arena. Contact your local tourism office and talk to them .


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