A Chocolate Lovers Party

Many major chocolate festivals takes place all over the world each year, such as Salon Du Chocolat, Chocolate Lovers Festival, Chocolate Rush, Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival, to name a few and in the Caribbean, we have the Grenada Chocolate Fest, which are all attended by thousands of chocolate lovers like us. They flock to these events to view and taste fantastic creations from world renowned chocolatiers and take pleasure in chocolate inspired events.  The fun and excitement, as well as the experience that you get from attending these festivals doubled with the merriment in the company of your chocolate loving friends and family; will surely get you eating crazy loads of chocolates of all different kinds and sizes.

If you thinking about having a chocolate party at your place, after attending anyone of the festival. You do not have to go all out on a spending spree. You can either seek an expert party planner advice to make it happen or try budgeting you money, because all you need is a little help and some flicker of creativity.

Start with the Menu
You could do the regular barbecue Sunday. Serve grilled chicken, pork chops, pasta, mashed potatoes or marshmallows, anything you are familiar with! Now, the simple chicken pieces and pork chops can be served by adding chochocolate sauces like mole, a Mexican chilli chocolate essential. Do not forget to round it up with other chocolate deserts such as chocolate cakes, cookies, fudge, and other chocolate pastries and chocolate bar snacks. Make sure you have tons of them because you wowould be using them on games and other activities. If you want to serve fondue, then prepare fondue matches like marshmallows, pretzels and fruits. Research on drinks and wines that would go well with chocolates and keep the idea for the party!

Stage the Grandeur
Take out your best linens, chochocolate design linens, if possible, would be great. You can line up three tables with them. One table will be for eating and the other two for chocolate and wine tasting. It can also be a place you can use to display deserts that fellow chocolat lovers may want to partake anytanytime they want to while in the party.

Decorate your party area by incorporating different chocolate colors to your design. Set the sound system and make sure you have great happy music to match the ambiance. And finally, make sure that your program is ready along with the materials that you would be nneeded in games or activities.

Make the Chocolate Party Fun
Here’s a list of things that you can do at your chocolate party aside from chocolate and wine tasting. You may choose one or few of them, whwhatever is possible and could easily be done without having to spend so much.
Game – Who can eat the most chocolates?

Chocolate Painting – where you use chocolates and your hands to draw pictures.

Stage an exhibit on the history of chocolates, print pictures and put them on display so everyone could have a look and learn while having fun.

Choco Poker – use chocolate pieces as chips. Your guests may take home whatever chocolates they can win.

Bake-off Challenge – who can make the best chocolate chip cookie.

Special cooking demonstration- learn a chochocolate recipe.

It’s so simple? You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to throw a party.


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