Chocolate Lovers Outing to Tobago Cocoa Estate

The Tobago Cocoa Estate W.I. Ltd stands on a spread of 47 acres (23.5 hectares) of land, with the major crop being cocoa, accompanied by other crops such as banana, coffee, cassava, papaya and a mix of exotic fruit trees. It is now a fully established cocoa estate growing some of the finest Trinitario (native of Trinidad) strains and is a successful agro-tourism project offering estate tours with lunch and dinner included.

Tobagian-born Duane Dove whose parentage is both french and english, with an ancestry that goes back to Scotland, where his great great grandfather was born; he spent the larger part of his childhood helping out on the family cocoa estate which involved harvesting, fermentry, sun dry cocoa beans and grading them.

In May 2005, he decided to begin the long journey of rejuvenating Tobago once vibrant and productive cocoa industry; he spent seven years of intense planting and cultivating the old Roxborough Cocoa Estate; which he later remanded and thus the Tobago Cocoa Estate W.I. Ltd was formed and is the only established estate on the island totally committed to bringing back cocoa production on the island.

Today, it is a thriving business and is still run by eco-friendly cocoa farmer Duane Dove and his team of elite, hardworking and innovative workers whose fine flavored cocoa is used to produce what internationally gourmands acknowledges as the finest chocolate in the world and has been awarded the highest accolades in the GREAT TASTE 2011, 2012 and 2014 and given 3 gold stars London Guild of Fine Foods.

Tobago Cocoa Estate – chocolate products are sold at a variety of major supermarkets and stores worldwide. If you are ever in Tobago or curious to know how Tobago Cocoa makes their chocolate or want to tour the estate. Duane Dove and his team are always delighted to show you around and explain to you how it is done.

You can log on to the website at or email them at or call 868-390-2021/868-788-3971.


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