Sustainable Agriculture – A Reality

It is stated that by 2050 there is expected to be a population of nine billion people living on our planet.  The question on everyone’s mind especially a team of researchers from the United States of America and Canada and even from other parts of the world are continuously asking themselves and the stakeholders, “Can we feed all these people without destroying the earth”.

The answer is “Yes, we can feed all those people and still save the planet earth.”  The solutions are simple.

– Using barren and vacant land to plant agriculture produce, and rebuilding old structural buildings and turning them into agro-processing plants to keep all the produce fresh after harvesting them and creating employment for all, not just the ones whom you know – it is time to do away with the political foolishness, as everyone has to eat and take care of their loved ones.

– Expand existing farms and agricultural estates and use them more productively and effectively; and also create employment for all.

– Provide continuous training and workshops for farmers (men, women and youths) – stop the gender discrimination and inequality – agriculture is for all, as we all live on this planet and have to work together and also eat.

– Changing our spending habits and increase the minimum wage – stop this rich verse poor fiasco, where the rich gets richer for doing nothing, well not all the rich people fall into this category. The poor have to work day and night, all their lives without a sick day or vacation, as most employers say, you don’t work you don’t get paid, while at the same time fighting down another. Start making the rich pay, higher taxes and the poor limiting the taxes as they can ill afford to buy food, much less psy the IRS.

– Changing our diet patterns, this one will be tricky as there are a million and one fast food outlet going up every day across the globe, so too are candy treaties and other types of eateries; which often times results in people becoming overweight, suffering from obesity and other types of eating disorders and ailments.

– Lessen down on the establishment of hazardous waste and factories in close proximity to residential areas or learning institutions and wildlife sanctuary. Concentrate on establishing more eco-friendly factories and agro-processing plants and companies – which may be totally impossible, as well, but can be done. Most corporations believe that investing in eco-friendly industries is a waste of time and not profitable; but in the end, if done correctly can save money, time and a lot of lives and help ones economy.

– And my personal favorite, stop cutting down the trees and setting fire, they do more harm than good to the ozone layer and the earth.

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